LJ Idol Exhibit B: Week 8: Design Flaw (Part 2 of 2)

STOP! This is part 2 of a two-part piece for week 8 of LJ Idol. If you haven't read part 1, please read it first, here! Thank you.

Let the record state that I was simply trying to read a book at the time. No more, no less. I was lying in bed with my old childhood copy of Redwall flopped open across my knees, a whiskey-on-the-rocks at the table by my arm.

"Ashley!" I heard him scream it from downstairs, and I squeezed my eyes shut, counting to ten, wishing, waiting for him to go away. His footsteps echoed up the stairs and eventually he swung into our bedroom, sweat slicking his bangs to his face as he beamed like a six year old. "Ash, guess what!" Using my finger as a bookmark, I closed the cover and leveled my brother a glare. I have never hated him as much as I did right at that moment.

"What, Rhett?" He didn't detect my annoyance as he launched into his explanation of how he'd been asked to try out for professional football, he was going to play in the big leagues, how he was going to make it big! Just wait! Rhett dug through the bag that had been slung across his back, pulling out papers and notes and letting them flutter to the floor, an autumnal rain of white, crisp sheets. A stray football wobbled across the carpeted floor and I locked eyes with my brother, breathing hard in time with him to keep from socking him.

"Great!" I managed, as Rhett thrust a piece of paper at me. A thick slab of cardstock, pasted painstakingly onto a softer, creamy yellow piece, proclaiming the blessed union between himself and the girl he'd been dating for three years: Haven Sanderson. My brother knelt on the floor, a knight proclaiming fealty, and squinted up at the ceiling fan, his lips moving in some odd formation of a prayer, minus the vocals.

"I can't look," he finally said dramatically, peering up at me through those nasty, sweaty bangs. "So you have to look for me, Ash. What day is my wedding?"

"You don't know the day of your own wedding?" I asked, incredulity slipping its way into my voice.

"Just tell me, brother," Rhett asked, his voice laden with desperation. I glanced down at the cardstock, and back up at Rhett.

"March 20th."

Rhett rolled over on the floor like he was being exorcised for a demon that had taken him over mind, body and soul. He writhed there on the carpet of our childhood bedroom, moaning to himself about how he was too young and this wasn't fair, it just wasn't fair. I, awkwardly comforting him, the very picture of the "little" (by two minutes) brother.

That night, with a twenty-four pack of beer having been consumed between the two of us, Rhett confessed to me his hare-brained idea. And thirteen of those beers explain why I thought it was a good idea, a great idea, a foolproof idea.

"... and then we'll switch back that night, at the reception! Nobody will have to know, Ashley." I was red-faced with laughter, the apples of my cheeks flaming hot against my pale skin as I chucked the empty can across the living room into the gaping maw of the trash bag.

"That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard! You think she can't tell the difference?" but the look on Rhett's face said that he wasn't kidding, he had to go try out and keep his girl and then we'd all be happy and set for life, just wait and see!

"It's just for like two hours, man," Rhett slurred, stumbling his way to the bathroom. "and she's a good kisser anyway, teach you a thing or two at the altar!" I looked down at my arms, self-conscious: I had always had a bit of a crush on Haven, but this just wasn't right.

And all this goes to explain how that evening, when I tilted my brother's fiance's veil away from her face, I saw the faintest flicker of distrust dance across her face. I smoothed her brow with my thumb, smiled deeply, and swept her into a kiss that was the stuff of fairy tales. Cameras snapped, and I grinned, beaming ear to ear.

We took photos in the hallways, at the altar again, beside a tree shaped vaguely like a bird of prey. And as we were ushered into the limo to go to the reception, I watched as Haven bustled her skirts up and shimmied in beside me, the slick leather sending her sprawling into my side. I laughed, offered her some champagne from the mini bar, which she politely declined.

"You know I don't like champagne!" she protested, wrinkling her nose in distaste. Of course I knew that, honey, I was teasing, you know how I get.

We pulled into the venue for the reception, and could hear the screaming and stamping of feet outside the limo. Haven turned to me, eyes shining, resplendent in her white dress. "I love you," she said, leaning over and kissing me butter soft. "I always have, and I always will," she kissed me again, the sweetest look of love on her face. "Ashley."

I felt like I had been punched in the gut, and laughed it off, making dismissive hand gestures and murmuring about how silly that was, she knew it was her fiance, her Rhett. Haven made a face and pressed a finger to my lips, quieting me as she took my other hand in hers.

"You're identical," she said, the look on her face rapidly moving from excitement to hysterics, "but my fiance has a birthmark on his wrist." Haven flipped my wrist over, indicating the lack of a mole that Rhett did indeed have, an anomaly from birth that we had always hated: as children we'd pressed our wrists together over and over, hoping that part would rub off on me so we could be the same again.

I opened and closed my mouth like a fish, unsure of what to say, as Haven gathered up her skirts and threw open the door to the limousine, the bright lights from the venue shining out, making her a martyr.

"Let's go," she hissed under her breath, clenching my hand in hers. "and when your brother gets back, you best go into witness protection." Haven pressed her lips to mine and waved to the cameras, and we grinned and nodded and ducked rice on our way into the reception hall, fear cold as an iron nail in my belly.
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I read the first part and I'm like oh no, what's happening. And then I read the second part and I'm like O SHIT, WHAT?!

Really, really well done imo and I LOVED the surprise because maybe it's just me, but I totally didn't expect that to be the twist (I could feel at the end of part 1 there was going to be a twist, I just never picked THAT one). So for me, super awesome job!!
This was amazing. :D My only wish is that it would be a whole lot longer ;) It works really well like this but I'm just so curious about everything, haha!
Again, oh wow! What a twist! Great story -thank you for sharing, as always!
Hahaha! Ashley got a little more than he bargained for, though I'm not sure he'll be sorry.

But Rhett... Rhett will be devastated!
oh my goodness... I'm not sure who I feel most sorry for... seems like there will be hell to pay for the brothers.
haha, I am pretty sure this hair-brained scheme was doomed from the start.
Oh, wow. :) I like that she knew all the time.

Is there a part three? I wonder what Rhett is going to do.
I figured she'd do something like this.

I wanna know what happens next! ;)
What a neat twist for part 2. Like someone already asked, will there be a part 3? This seems just like the type of joke some of my identical twin friends would pull.