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Friends Only

If you want to friend bookishgeek, click on the comment link and tell her this.

If you are already friends with bookishgeek, you have clearly been won over by her superior good looks and winning personality.

If you do not want to friend bookishgeek, then why the hell are you looking at this entry?
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I want to be your friend by the mere fact that this is a choose your own adventure. Hahah, I love this.
I saw you on the friending meme. I don't know about parenting, but I love Harry Potter and books, and I'm also getting my MLS (I assume that's what you meant when you said you were going to become a children's librarian). Friends?
Christa said you and I should be friends because we're both "good people" lol. What do you think? :)
Looking at your profile, you seem like a cool person and we have quite a bit in common! Plus, HIH CLAWS YAYZ!!! I'd love more HIHers on my flist, especially since I did a big friends cut recently for people who weren't active on LJ anymore. I IZ LONELY.

tl;dr FRIENDZ PLZ!! :3
Hometown folk! I need to friend as many of them as possible!